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Dia 24 de Julho de 2015:

It’s a touchy subject, whether gamers are ruining games…” diz um; “…but we’re not saying that!“, tom sério, preocupação disfarçada, “we’re not saying it’s your fault!“.
Outro, a reenfatizar, “we’re not saying you do this stuff! We’re just saying…“, (e agora?)  “…some people… do“.
Yeah…“, mantém a calma, eu trato disto, “…it just takes a kid to piss in the sandbox to ruin it for everybody”. Bolas, fui demasiado paternalista?But we don’t want to sound like we’re lecturing you guys…”.

Ai meu Deus, não! Só me lembrei agora: “oh and by the way, we’re not implying a boycott of DOTA 2!

Dia 26:

Management would never strip employees away from [Half-Life 3]!“, explica, de forma autoritária. Ele sabe do que está a falar. Ele ouve. Ele viu. Ele leu.
Valve being afraid to release something is…“, eu acredito na Valve, eu acredito na Valve, eu acredito na Valve, “…not true!“. O Gabe é Deus. O Gabe é Deus. Deus não tem medo. “Fear will not change anything that Valve does!“; autoridade; um bom sacerdote fala sempre com autoridade.
That’s not how Valve works… that’s not how Valve works at all!“. O desespero.

Everybody knows that’s the only reason why Half Life 3 isn’t released – and it’s time to get real here – is because Valve is [sic] innovators! Everybody knows this!“. Toda a gente. O desespero. O medo.

O meu coração bate. As minhas mãos tremem. The only reason Valve hasn’t come out with Half Life 3 is because… there’s no reason to!“.
Não vou chorar. Contém-te. Eu acredito na Valve. Eu acredito na Valve; eu acredito na Valve, eu acredito na Valve – “There is no gaming technology that is… on the fray of being the ‘newest biggest thing’… for a Half Life 3 to come out and wow everybody…” – O GABE É DEUS – “…with its technical prowess and amazing gameplay!

Dia 27:

Alguém da Valve veio à Internet desacreditar a fonte anónima sem negar ou confirmar nada do que esta disse. O canal de Youtube faz os possíveis para atirar areia aos olhos dos seus espetadores e acalmá-los.

São só perspetivas!
Podem estar os dois a dizer a verdade!
Nós não vos mentimos; por favor; por favor, não nos persigam nem nos mandem ameaças por email.

Dia 11 de Setembro de 2011:

It’s pretty obvious that Freeman’s reputation as a savior figure was an intentional and self-aware design choice.  I mean why wouldn’t he get praised for the crazy shit he does?“.

Alyx is a fictional character. By definition she’s ‘engineered’ a certain way, because she was made, she isn’t a person“.

I agree with the point that they’re both rather linear roller-coasters, I don’t fault you there at all, your reasoning is sound. I don’t know why this is necessarily a negative aspect. You don’t justify this at all. Roller-coasters are fucking awesome“.

I don’t get why you complain about having no choice in a video game. You never have, really, everything you choose in a videogame will lead you to another linear path that is already scripted. So choice is rather meaningless in any videogame“.

This ‘review’ is asinine pretentious tripe.

This review is superfluous, and frankly a little bizarre. The reason why we often still talk about Half Life 2 is that it is simply the pinnacle of its genre, and over a decade later, has yet to be equaled“. O comentário tem uma pontuação de 14 upvotes.

This is why Errant Signal is probably the worst gaming reviewer on YouTube. He’s arrogant, detestably pretentious, and literally condescends the viewers, despite most likely being some community college dropout“. 76 upvotes.

Dia 29 de Julho de 2015: