Nota do editor: a presente entrevista foi redigida em inglês com uma série de piadas que perder-se-iam quando traduzidas. Por isso decidimos manter o texto no original, acreditando que os nossos leitores estarão mais do que à vontade para o compreender.

Há um  jogo, lançado recentemente no Steam, que esteve na gaveta durante os últimos 23 anos. Não é, por isso um jogo a piscar o olho ao retro-chick. É MESMO antigo. Fomos falar com os seus criadores.


Krister Karlsson em 1993

Rubber Chicken – I realize The X-Files was a complex and entertaining show, but is that really what kept you busy so long? I mean, the game is more than 20 years old!

Krister Karlsson – Well you know Mulder’s sister? She’s not the only one that got abducted…


Krister Karlsson em 1993 de 2016

RC – So, it took you that long to realize What Is Love?

KK – Love kept us going like a Bat out of hell.

RC – There’s a question a lot of young gamers are asking about your game: will it run on my brand new Pentium?

KK – We’re aiming to get the game out on ‘Etch a sketch‘, but we keep running into frame rate issues. We would love some input from the community on this.

Representação realista de 1993 – Space Machine a correr num Etch a Sketch

RC – What about the OS? I hear a new Windows NT 3.1 is being released this year! Will it run the game?

KK – NT is a hoax, don’t trust the big corporations. We’re sticking with Workbench 1.2.

RC – But… a Space game? I mean, do you think it’ll be able to compete with the upcoming X-Wing sequel, Tie Fighter?

KK – Isn’t the real question if a Tie Fighter can keep up with the Space Machine?



RC – On one of the screenshots available, one gets the feeling he’s in some sort of forest… Could this be a hint towards upcoming movie Jurassic Park?

KK – Steven (n.d.f. Spielberg) called us and asked if he could make a spiritual sequel to our game, and as long as he keeps Jar Jar Binks out of it, we said it was ok.

RC – If a gamer would make an Indecent Proposal regarding your game… what do you think it’d be?

KK – That he could feature it on Pewdiepie’s Youtube channel.

RC – In an Ordinary World (Duran Duran), I can’t help falling in love (UB40) with your game, but an informer (Snow) told me that it’s Nothin’ but a ‘G’ Thang (Dr. Dre) and, truth be told, I Have Nothing (Whitney Houston). I had to wait more than two decades to grab it. And i’m Looking through patient eyes (P.M.Dawn) and all, but… I mean, i have Reason to Believe (Rod Steward) you won’t fail me on this game, but If I ever lose my faith in you (Sting), just tell me the story on how you recovered your floppy disks Again (Janet Jackson) and how you had to dig Deeper and Deeper (Madonna) and actually Sweat (a la la la la long) (Inner Circle) your arses to get us this fine looking game!

KK – I was out in the Moonlight Shadow (Mike Oldfield) and still hadn’t found what I was looking for (U2) when I saw her face(Monkees), the Amiga 500. I was thunderstruck (ACDC) as I discovered our kind of magic (Queen) blue disks. My buddy said let it be let it be (Beatles), but I had to walk that line (Johnny Cash).

(n.d.f. – Nota do Frango)