It’s the revolt of the anonymous fan against publishers. It’s our youth lost in meetings, in traffic, with bills or with diapers. It’s Buddhism on videogames. It´s Kickstarter.

With the help of Tim Schafer, gamers approaching a mid-life crisis have funded, since March, 10 million dollars of famous Game Designer’s dreams, making it possible to reinvent known intellectual properties. If this is a revolution on the development of games, passing winds of change, or Communism, we still don’t know.

But we have 5 ideas for the producers of our world. 5 games, so visionary, they can change the way we look at the industry of crowd funding.


Comix Zone: Frank Miller Edition


How many people read comics, worldwide? And how many comics fans think Sin City is one of the best titles ever? Let them pay. Comix Zone is still a great game, nowadays, as the recent digital download versions have proved. The mechanic, the humor, the combat, everything is on the right place. Maybe it was the game that wasn’t on the right time. Get Frank Miller on board and funding is guaranteed. This one promises great collectible rewards.


Chuckie Egg Endless Run


A game funded by players ranging from 30 to 40 years old, with too much money, very little time, and a Smartphone on their pocket. Endless run, climbing stairs, jumping gaps and elevators, trying to avoid the chicken-ostrich-ducks. A retro homage to the great ZX Spectrum classic, with a tape version as the $50 tier reward.


Never Ending Story Saga


Wasteland 2? Fallout Online? What’s next? WoWVille? We want new universes. We want to ride Falkor, flying above Fantasia, interact with giant snails and grumpy stone giants, seduce young princes with Atreyu and cry hopelessly when our horse dies. An isometric Hack n’ Slash RPG in one of the most kitsch universes of our youth. The $10000 tier reward entitles you to a private concert with Limahl.


Police Academy: The Game


Hey Rockstar: You develop it, we pay for it. A Rockstarter. After all, the premise of Police Academy was giving the chance to everyone of joining the force, which ended up being a magnet for every underdog out there. Underdogs + Police + Sandbox + Rockstar + Mahoney, Hightower and Tackleberry on the same game, and the money starts pouring in. The top tier reward? Hot Coffee with Kim Cattrall.


Half Life 2: Episode Three


Let’s be real. It’s probably the only way.